We’d like to introduce our newest immersion training that we have here at CYoga, led by our @teresa.cassou . The Namaste Sunai Brain Series!•“Suniai” means listening, truly listening, going deep within your heart to listen to the vibration of the Universe. The first line, “Suniai sidh pir sur nath,” to me means that one becomes a wise spiritual leader by listening deeply to the sacred sound current.The sounds of this pauri are so hypnotic and lovely. The word Suniai itself is like a lullaby you sing to your mind to help it quiet down so that you hear the vibration of all-that-is humming sweetly inside of you to the beat of your heart.  With that as the soundtrack of your mind, wisdom comes.•Learn how to become your own teacher. All dates for our YTTs are updated in the Mind Body App! And of course DM is with any and all questions