This week for our #tutorialtuesday we bring to you Padahastasana aka Gorilla Pose!•This post improves balance and concentration, and stretches the spine, low back, hips, hamstrings, calves and wrists. Our Iyengar teacher Edith demonstrates it here wonderfully•To do this pose:- Bend and reach down into a forward fold letting the crown of your head reach for the earth. To ensure you’re bending at this hips take a generous bend in the knees so that your ribs can rest on your thighs. Think about maintaining this upper to lower body connection throughout your entire practice of this pose!-Start to slide your hands under your feet so that the tops of your hands are touching the earth and your palms are facing upwards making contact with the soles of your feet- Aim to slide your palms so much under your feet that your toes can tickle your wrists. Sometimes this means an even deeper bend in the knees. However, if this does not feel accessible yet don’t despair! Just slide your hands as far under your feet as you can and the increased flexibility needed will come with a steady practice of this asana- Once your hands are underneath your feet, let your head fall heavy and send your drishti (gaze) down towards the earth or between your legs at something behind you. Start to send your hips higher to the sky by straightening your legs as much as you can without losing the upper-lower body connection established while getting into this pose.- Let your elbows come out wide and use the leverage of your hands bound to the feet to gently pull you deeper into this pose•This pose can challenge your balance so to help find greater stability do the following:- Press firmly into your wrists with your toes trying to root down as much as possible. If you’re new to this pose and it feels very uncomfortable don’t worry, this is very normal as you are taking your body drastically out of its comfort zone- Activate Mula Bandha, drawing the pelvic floor up towards the sky. Gently draw your navel up to the sky as well, using these lifting motions to help counterbalance the deep fold you are in- Most importantly: BREATHE!•What poses would you like to see?