Time for another #tutorialtuesday demonstrated by our amazing Edith•Today’s pose is Supta Virasana/ Reclined Hero Pose! This pose stretches the quads, the quad attachments to the hip flexors and knees, the knees themselves, and outer hips. It’s a fantastic restorative pose and can help alleviate menstrual cramps.•- Start out in Rock Pose, the seated pose with your knees touching and sitting with your bum on your ankles- slide your ankles apart until you can sit in between your ankles and the base of your spine/bum can make contact to the earth- Once you can sit in between your ankles, plant your hands behind you and start to recline until your back is on the ground- Close your eyes and relax!•Tips:- This is a restorative pose but it’s very normal to find this pose very challenging, especially the first few times you do it- Try modifying by placing a block or blanket under your bum while you are working on sitting between your ankles. This can help you relax into the pose without it being overwhelming- Stay in Rock Pose if Reclined Hero is not yet accessible. Rock pose is still a fantastic stretch and opens up the same parts of the body to get ready for Hero!- Breathe, breathe, breathe! Slow, deep breathing will help you melt into this pose•Let us know what poses you would like to see in the upcoming weeks •#feetfaceforward#cyogastudio#shinealivenow