#tutorialtuesday . Many of us dream of relaxing into a seated wide legged forward fold like our employee Ajita does here. This pose is a great one to practice for anyone looking to improve their hip and hamstring flexibility•- Start out sitting on your bum and take your feet as wide as you can- Slowly crawl your hands forward as far as you can to ‘fold’ into this posture- Flex your feet so you are also working on opening up the calves as well as actively engaging your leg muscles- As you reach forward with your hands and the crown of your head also reach back behind you with your hips to create maximum lengthening in your spine and hamstrings. This pose is 80% surrender and 20% active reaching- Most importantly, breathe breathe breathe. The slower and deeper you breathe the more your body will open up to the pose!•Tips:- Try placing a bolster under your torso, or 1 or 2 blocks under your forehead to help relax into this posture- Try while breathing to inhale for a count of 4 and exhale for a count of 8- Place a blanket or block under your bum to make this pose more accessible- Practice this every. single. day. to improve flexibility!•Let us know what poses you want to see in the future on here!•#cyogastudio#shinealivenow#feetfaceforward


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