It’s time for another #tutorialtuesday •Today we are breaking down Parsvottanasana or Pyramid Pose! This pose stretches the hips, low back, and predominantly our hamstrings while also serving as a great pose to decompress our spine!•This pose transitions beautifully from Warrior 1/Virabhadrasana I, Uttanasana/ Forward Fold, or from Tadasana/Mountain pose.•- To enter Pyramid from Warrior 1 you simply start by straightening your front leg. Your feet should already be 3-4 ft apart with hips squared to the front of your mat so straightening your front leg allows a seamless transition. From there you will keep squaring your hips to the front of the mat as you fold over your front leg bringing your hands to the earth.- Transitioning from Forward fold is slightly more tricky but still accessible in an all levels class. As you are hinged forward at the top of your mat, step your left or right leg back about 3-4 feet. Turn your back foot out approximately 45 degrees towards the front corner of your mat. It’s normal to feel like you won’t be able to hold as deep of a fold as in Uttanasana because this stretch does isolate more in the hamstring of the leg in front.- To move from Tadasana to Pyramid. You will step back with whichever foot you’d like in back about 3-4 feet. Square your hips to the front of the mat so they are in one straight line parallel with the front of the mat. Turn your back foot out 45 degrees and fold over your front leg•Tips for this pose:- BREATHE. Deep hamstring openers can be very intense. That’s ok, let it be intense, just breathe- Grip the mat with your toes for more stability- In any type of fold we tend to tense the back of our neck and hold our head up. You want to completely relax your head towards the ground- Activate Mula Bandha/drawing the pelvic floor up as you fold to will give you more stability- Use blocks or slightly bend your front knee to help ease into this pose- Activate the tops of your thighs drawing the knees slightly up as you breathe into the hamstrings•You can also bring your hands to reverse prayer (second picture)!•#shinealivenow#feetfaceforward#cyogastudio