Who else loves inversions? #tutorialtuesday•This one is lovingly called Teddy Bear headstand and it’s the pose we use to get our body used to being upside down before stretching our legs to the sky•To enter:- Place the crown of your head on the floor with your hands flat down about 6 inches away from your head. The exact distance will vary with your own body proportions!- Squeeze your elbows in to form a strong base and slowly bring each knee into its corresponding elbow. Point your feet to the sky•Tips:- Reach with your toes to get used to the feeling of reaching up as you will need this in any inverted pose- press your hands firmly into the ground for more stability- lift up out of your core to help battle over compression in your neck- this pose can be done by a wall until you are more comfortable in your inversion practice•To advance this pose:- Start by slowly reaching one foot all the way to the sky, straightening your leg. Keep reaching until the other knee naturally just lifts a bit off the elbow. Either lower down and practice the other side or extend the second leg slowly to go into full headstand!•And remember: BREATHE•#feetfaceforward#cyogastudio#shinealivenow