Feeling guilty for surviving, feeling guilty about success, feeling the “I don’t deserve this abundance”, are all symptoms of the inevitable up leveling the path.

There is absolutely nothing you can’t do to avoid your destiny. Either you follow it with grace, or you suffer resisting it while following it. Those are always the choices we have.  To follow the path there must be humbleness and spiritual strength. No one’s path is easy. We all come to learn that thing we missed on our last lifetime so it is better to “get it right” this time.

Do not worry about others they are also trying to surrender if not surrendered completely by observing you. Besides, this path is definitely not about you. You are a gift to this world and all you can do is serve through your talents and mission to gift others the same opportunity.

Everything was chosen for you and by you and everything is designed to work out as it is supposed to be. So pray every morning activating your karmic web, serve others from selfless love, connect with the infinite source of wisdom and only then, the egocentricity that resides in the impostor syndrome will naturally fade. No meds needed for this one. Only prayer, only bowing.


Sat Nam,

Teresa Cassou