Warrior III aka "airplane" #tutorialtuesday•With any balance pose, steady breath is key. Balance poses are extremely mental; if your mind is somewhere else you will topple quickly. While balancing, it is important to maintain the presence of body perception and focus on the breath.•This photo is left side Warrior III. Beginning in left side Warrior I, interlace fingers and extend the index fingers and lower the arms to the height of the shoulders, extending the arms forward.•Inhale and on an exhale transfer the weight to the left leg as you lift the right leg, lifting the right heel off the ground.•Transfer weight into the left leg as you lift the right leg off the ground.•Release the hands and maintain the arms parallel, opening the fingers and stretching the palms. At this point, bringing the arms forward to meet is a valuable optional modification.•Bring the torso parallel to the floor and flex the right foot, extending through the right heel. Engage the glute and hamstring to elevate the leg and engage the core to get the torso low. This combination maintains alignment.•Drop the above hip if it is rising up, hips squared to the floor is ideal.•Maintain the head between arms with neck aligned with torso.•Maintain for 5-8 breaths.•To exit the pose, bring the torso upright and drop the arms to the sides, replacing the right leg next to the left leg.•#warriorIII #warriorIIIpose #warrior