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Resilience not Avoidance

How many times have you heard fake positivity? What I call Spiritual Avoidance. We seriously cannot heal without pain, without deep serious uncomfortable emotions while we understand the purpose of the new life waiting for us after we allow the transformation to happen.

When I was chosen by yoga, I thought I had it all figured out. I would leave my past life to get the final solution to my pain. And in a way I did, if it wasn’t for my yoga practice and community, I wouldn’t be able to sustain my life the way I am learning today. But in reality the things that needed to be transformed were outside the yoga room, outside the YTTs and the hours I spend teaching. The transformation was on my every day life. My routine, my avoidance skills needed to become resilience instead.

Every time I heard a Teacher saying “let that go”, “focus on the positivity of…” I felt isolated. I felt as if not even yoga understood my pain. As if something was really wrong with me. Then I learned surrender and acceptance and through that, resilience. This is not about not feeling or letting go. This is about opening the mind to negative thoughts and allowing the heart to process them through spirituality.  When I understood this, my Yoga practice changed completely and my expectations were over. No more wanting to become, this is the time to live and let live. Let love and humility guide your path.

Sat Nam,