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Upgrading Inner and Outer Realities

During the Piscean Age, religion influenced people’s minds with ideas of God being authoritarian and something/someone to reach outside of us. Someone to please.

Priests, Teachers, Leaders, Seekers, were conditioned by someone else upon belief who designed rules defined by authoritative institutions. The same happens with YOGA! Many of us come to the meditation or Yoga room as a last resource to seek for “outside help”. If we are very very lucky, we find Aquarian Age Teachers that allow us, enabling to seek our own truth without fear. The false Teacher will make you dependent on his or her teachings. The energy of these “teachers” is sucking and strong. It makes you believe in your needy self making you rely on them. When you find a good Teacher,  the Sat Nam starts appearing through deep transformation while the true Teacher holds space from love and respect. These type of Teachers need these type of students. Some students prefer hiding behind the parental figure an authority might represent. I am not saying this is bad. Both types deal with different paths. Just paths. 

The real Teacher will guide and accompany you through the naive mindset that makes you believe things will automatically change for the better. In undeveloped states of consciousness, we find ourselves fantasizing with freedom as an outside resource expressing it as irrational rebellion, illusionary expectations, mass insanity, and control. All this accumulation of toxins come from unexpressed anger and frustration. No one explained that things are different for each one of us. That we all have a reality to live. And not every size fits all. And while veganism works for you, it doesn’t work for me. While drugs or alcohol make it work for you, they certainly do not do the work for me. While covering your head and wearing white waking up at 3:00am is a must in order to meditate and clear your path, my head can be covered and uncovered as my intuition and practice dictate me. I can also wear black or blue and wake up at 5:00am instead. I could jog and then sit down in meditation if that is what will make it work for me.

A good teacher passes the knowledge as pure as possible, allowing the student to find the way of their soul while the ego and pride that come from the fantasy of becoming a Teacher, ruin the learning curve. The true Teacher will create and nurture the space holding sanctuary to give the student access to his or her main source of inner wisdom.

Sat Nam