Complaining as a social currency

After I switched my life through the help of Yoga and spiritual beings, I saw myself in a great space of abundant love. Everything and everyone around me accepts me and supports me the way I am. How is this possible? 

The thing was that this feeling of infinite vastness gets threatening to others. Even to me. So I started smalling myself because suffering connects us all in a less threatening way. I was not making anyone uncomfortable with my genuine joy. I realized that setting up boundaries to these scarcity mentality people was a big challenge in my Spiritual development. And that if I didn’t learn how to do this I was gonna struggle with the way the Universe works its vastness.

We are conditioned to feel unworthy and not enough. We are devoured by marketers, banks, systematic education/adoctrination. Religious rigidity and so on… We are conditioned to die unhappy and unloved. Feeling that the world owes us something as if the infinite source wasn’t available to everyone. We keep reading horror news, crashed markets, immigration tragedies, endless hours are invested in drama so that we can feel we belong to the unfairness with a sense of false security. Making desitions from fear will only lead to more fear. And will build a half way lived life.

Next time you find yourself ruminating negativity, compensate the pattern with positive ruminations. Chew on each sign of love, care, nurture, acceptance, and fairness around you. There is no more need to interpret the world from the first chakra (survival), humanity is ready to evolve these old skills. There is no coincidence that third world countries are happier than many first world ones. The self gratification way is exchanged for community oriented lifestyles embracing challenging emotions and feelings. Changing the attitude.

Start translating your mess into meaning and stop focusing on Hedonistic positivity. Life is as it is. Start a complain fasting and experiment with your own body the benefits of accepting uncomfortable emotions to diminish them. Stop fixing people, politics, thoughts, Religion, relationships.

Sit, observe, and live.

Meditation and Yoga are very important for this process to unfold appropriately.

Sat Nam