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What if that person, place, or thing where you rely on disappears, fails, stops existing, dies, or simply stops working for you?

Every time someone adopts a new way of living, switches jobs, divorces, tinders more often, migrates, explores a new religion or starts practicing Yoga, I like to question: What if this new path doesn’t work either? Are you ready to fail?

The question might come across too negative according to the success greedy culture. But it actually feels very liberating to know that there is no way things are going to go our way. It actually feels great. A human being who is ready to fail and sustain failure more often than not, becomes resilient and as a consequence, successful wherever the path drops him or her.

Resilience is one of the most important aspects to learn throughout life. It brings everything we need when we need it. It becomes the life force, the Kundalini rising when things do not go our way meaning: always.

Please join me on my failure journeys and laugh about our survival skills. Coping with life along failed people has never made me more successful. I live independently happy, financially stable, healthy, and free of predetermined standards. These are many of the gifts we receive when we dare to live according to life´s plans. Not ours.

Sat Nam