After sobering up, I learned that addiction isn’t a one way path. It comes in all shapes and forms and it is not a bad idea to sober up other aspects of my life as well. Like emotions.

Why do we get the “out of the blue” emotional tornado? My theory is that emotions like everything else, are deeply connected to our mission. They try to appear in different moments, through different paths. We just keep shutting them down. I see them as fairies working all together for our highest purpose while our ego mind keeps trying to beat them up with serious numbing mechanisms. Then, the fairies become more powerful and gather more strength so that they can shake our existence and be of service for us when we do not see. When we get numbed.

With emotions, there comes a point of no return. Either we lose it all or we lose it all. This chapter of the story becomes pretty painful. We start seeking for therapists, psychiatrists, alcohol, weed, cbd, cheap relationships that feed the ego. If you are cery lucky, you will find amazing results through people that DO NOT fear the messages of the body. People that cannot rely on  immediate solutions to shortcut the path towards a sacred life changing,  an awakening.

We just don’t know how to pay the price for change. We don’t want to look “failed” in front of others. We seek approval through predesigned ways of living that are socially accepted to feel like we belong. We pay the price of belonging to the outside leaving the inside semi death while the resilient fairies keep waking us up. We pay prices in material things like credit card APRs but we do not learn how to pay the price of investing in our life. In our existing life. NOW. We feel like anything we do for ourselves is selfish because that is the way the genetic coding works. We just want to belong through inherited rules no one questioned before. Too piscean.

There is a big relationship in the way we manage our emotional freedom to reach financial freedom that no one talks about. The happier we are, the more productive we become, the more productive we become, the happier we are. As long as we generate genuine real deep abundance through deep listening of these fairies. Sometimes this abundance requires leaving, sometimes it requires staying. Only the fairies know. As long as we listen, we are fine. Then, we take action. Then we change our lives forever. The fairies will create more magic because they will be happy and fed. They will nurture your soul like no other drug or pill. They will let you know when and how. They will accompany you sober in deep acceptance and surrender while life happens and you suniai, you listen. They will guide your life they will surf the tsunamis with immense magic. 

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Sat Nam