Since the beginning of time, mental illness has been used as a powerful political weapon against those seeking or operating social change. A lot of the bogus definitions given for so-called madness were invented on the twentieth century by quack psychologist and were then used unscrupulously by those in authority to dismiss and often punish those who dared to question their reality. In truth, terms like ‘schizophrenia’, ‘neurotic’, and ‘paranoid’, mean little more than what any particular, or not so particular, individual chooses them to mean. There are no physical proofs for any of these conditions. The definitions very from psychiatrist to psychiatrist and are totally different from one country to another. Because of these very variable standards, the chances of being diagnosed schizophrenic in America are far higher than are in Britain. This led one unusually illuminated psychiatrist to suggest that the best cure for many American mental patients would be to catch a flight to Britain. The label of mental illness is a method of dealing with individuals, from unwanted relatives to social critics who, through not accepting the conditions imposed upon them by outsiders, are seen as nuisances and trouble makers.
The works of psychologist, notably Freud, and the many schools of perverts who follow their teachings, have, by isolating ‘states of mind’ and defining some of them as ‘states of madness’, excluded all sorts of possible developments in the way in which we see, or could see, our reality. By allowing people to learn from the experience of their so-called madness rather than punishing them for it, new radical ways of thought could be realized and engaged with, new perspectives created and new horizons reached. How else has the human mind grown and developed? Nearly all the major advances in society have been made by people who are criticised, ridiculed and often punished in their own time, only to be celebrated as great thinkers years after their deaths. As mental and physical health becomes increasingly controllable with drugs and surgery, we come ever closer to a world of hacked about and chemically processed Mr. and Mrs. Normals whose only purpose in life will be to mindlessly serve the System. From then on, cultural progress will cease and the mind-fuckers will finally have won their battle against the human spirit.

Once labeled ‘mad’, a patient may be subjected to a whole range of hideous torturers politely referred to by The National Health Service as cures. They are bound up in belts, harnesses and strait-jackets so that their bodies become bruised and their spirits beaten. They are locked up in silent padded-cells so that the sound of their own heartbeat and the smell of their own shit breaks them down into passive animals. They are forced to take psychotropic drugs that make them into robot-like zombies. One common side-effect of long-term treatment with these drugs is severe swelling of the tongue. The only effective cure is surgical. The tongue is cut out. What better way to silence the prophet? They are given electric shocks in the head that cause disorientation and loss of memory. ECT, electroconvulsive therapy, is an idea adopted from the slaughterhouse where pigs are stunned with an identical form of treatment before having their throats cut. ECT is a primitive form if punishment that owes more to the traditions of the witch hunts than it does to any tradition of science. The ultimate cure, the tour de force of the psychiatric profession, is lobotomy. Victims of this vile practical joke have knives stuck into their heads that are randomly waggled about so that part of the brain is reduced to mincemeat. The surgeons who perform this operation have no precise idea what they are doing. The brain is an incredibly delicate organ about which very little os known, yet these butchers feel qualified to poke knives into people’s heads in the belief that are performing scientific and medical services. Patients who are given this treatment frequently die from it. With rare exceptions, those who don’t die can never hope to recover from the state of mindlessness that has been deliberately imposed upon them.
Disgusting experiments are daily performed both on animals and humans in the name of medical advance. There is no way of telling what horrific new forms of treatment are at this moment being devised for us in the thousands of laboratories throughout the country. In Nazi Germany, the inmates of the death camps were used by drug companies as guinea pigs for new products. Nowadays the drug companies, some of which are the very same ones, use prisoners in jails and hospitals for the same purposes. Mental patients are constantly subjected to the ignorance both of the State and the general public and, as such, are perhaps the most oppressed people in the world. In every society there are thousands upon thousands of people locked away in asylums for doing nothing more than question imposed values, dissidents dismissed by the label of madness and silenced, often for ever, by the cure.

THE LAST OF THE HIPPIES: An Hysterical Romance
Penny Rimbaud/Crass ♡