When the heart is overwhelmed, the only option we have to keep going is prayer and service. We already know what prayer, according to me, means: vibrations of healing, love, empowerment, and peace. Prayer is self talk while we connect with our highest level of consciousness and the Universe.

Life is not about us, even if it hurts we are not that important to make our will happen. The only real choice we have is to decide living from love. This starts from self love.

Self love is already a very deep journey because we have ancestral wounds and lacks. We all went through war with our grandparents, we go through debt, we all went or go through addiction through close friends, we all go through terror reading or feeling the news that keep making us decide a life from fear as if our desitions happen just because we desire them.

We are all conditioned to achieve, to avoid, to lie, to live double standard paths because we all fear the myth of not enough and prefer the consequences built up for us not from us.

Self love is that deep listening to the Universe’s call. That space were you need no dates, no excessive money, food, degrees, or relationships. Self love is the best marriage and friendship we can gift ourselves. Being sure that there is no need to look for outside resources when it comes to the Universe’s will. Then everything else becomes a gift, it becomes extra because we do not need anything to live but love. 

In the Spiritual path, the only real choice we have is Love. Self reliance becomes automatic because we start relying on the current of dharma. This is what respecting the laws of abundance mean.

We cannot alter the timing of our destiny, there is absolutely no point on doing that. The shortcomings will take us back to the point where we need to rebuild everything from scratch, but this time, through time. Through deeper listening. 

Prayer and service to “achieve” love. 

Sat Nam