Practicing yoga as a way of enduring life

When I stopped practicing for a little, my body and soul’s experiences from more than 300 hours got integrated in my body. Taking a break is also important to let the body receive the messages delivered during what I call “exploration time”. There are moments, to dig in, to observe the karma, to be not only aware but to provoke an inner big bang. And there are times to integrate to let our system re organize those particles into our existence. Into our dharma. How do you know when? The Yoga will tell you. You will listen.

So, stop practicing to keep practicing. Let your body practice life off the mat. Come down to earth come down to your feet, to your first chakra and allow the heart, the bridge of connection, to use all the magic and powers this practice, this technology, has to offer through awareness and letting it happen.

Sleep and sweat are two things we must do in order to let the psyche integrate the Yoga deliveries. This is also discipline. There is nothing to endure, there is a lot to release and let go so we can create space for new big bangs.

Sat Nam