Pema Chordon, Yogi Bhajan, Premka, Bikram… are moving the urge to evolve the Spiritual Practice.

Whenever I read posts of people commenting on Premka´s book (a 25-year-old seeker who, in the 1970s, was held hostage by a “guru”  who self-proclaimed spiritual master) using it as a gateway to run away from these Teachings it reminds me of a teenager discovering his or her parents are not what they thought they were. When we reach this stage in life, we either integrate the truth and evolve to gift humanity another option. Or we live / leave  from anger, resentment, and fear.

Hiding a truth is not the solution. Containing it, is. As Spiritual Teachers, we all have the power to go within. We all have the skills to understand that Leaders are not supposed to solve our lives. They lead the way, we design the path. I acknowledge the recovery aspect of knowing a truth. I own the power of seeking and moving as many times as I need in order to find what my soul knows: a meaningful and  loving path. If a Teaching is not suiting my needs, it is my duty to be in charge and take action. To look after and for my tribe.

Seekers have it hard. We crave answers. Along the path, we realize they live within us. Across the street from us. They become alive when we are available to see. What we do after we see, is the key answer of the whole thing. I see other Teachers creating the same strategy as these old gurus, conquering through other people´s fear / grief. This will create the exact same pattern we ran away from. It will create the parental relationship we need to STOP in order to heal humanity.  We need to listen deeply to the needs. Today we reach the truth through silence and meditation. Through music and nature. We do not need to read more, we do not need access to more information. We absolutely DO NOT need to accumulate trainings destined to shady causes. Own your financial desitions. Give to feed a cause not to feed your need. Know that whatever you empower is perpetuated. We need to re-create our community. We have to gift our gifts and live through them. Not the other way around.


Sat Nam

Teresa Cassou