This is a non-competitive, nurturing environment where your child will learn self-calming techniques, practice fun asana (yoga pose) sequences, and play lighthearted, yet challenging yoga games. The series incorporates qualities of compassion, peace, respect, gratitude and acceptance. There is literature, discussion and a lot of fun! It provides a joyful way to cultivate self esteem and body awareness. Our intention is to develop strong minds and bodies while learning to bring peace into the world.

C YOGA is proud to be an approved Inspire Charter School provider. We offer kids programs and classes and accept Inpsire Vouchers.


Mindful Wigglers is a safe, nurturing, and fun space for your child to explore the joy of movement and the joy of the moment. Dance, play, and movement will teach children body awareness, deepening their emotional awareness and effective expression. Sensory integration will improve coordination and body confidence. Mindfulness will enhance peace, calm, and kindness. Creative expression encourages confidence in your child’s unique self. We will play with timing, rhythm, space, and levels. Your child will tune in to the wisdom of the body. This class is great for kids who love to move and be creative.


Practice with your kids! A well rounded hatha/vinyasa class with your kids that offers parents a way to keep up their yoga practice while caring for small children. Children are welcome to join in with the yoga poses, observe or play. Class begins with a fun little intro to Yoga for the kids. The remaining 45-50 minutes will be dedicated to a well-rounded yoga class for mom/dad. Suitable for all kids and all parents. Single class pass per parent, kids free.Fridays 9:30am to 10:30am. PLEASE register online before attending the studio or arrive 10 minutes before. Click on the link below and sign up for the class.